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Trump administration ‘empowering domestic abusers’ by targeting immigrants in courthouses

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Facing Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric and ICE Raids, Fewer Undocumented Victims Willing to Report Domestic Violence

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It Is Now Easier To Deport Survivors of Domestic Abuse and Trafficking

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Immigration crackdown makes women afraid to testify against abusers, experts warn

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A Tale of Revenge And Immigration Leaves A Mother of American Kids Locked Up in Texas

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A mother and her son turned up for a domestic-violence case. Then ICE arrested them.

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For NM's Undocumented, a cloud of fear

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Texas Deputy Accused of Molesting a 4-Year-Old and Threatening to Deport Her Mother

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Domestic violence groups see drop in reports from immigrant community

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Fewer Immigrants Are Reporting Domestic Abuse. Police Blame Fear of Deportation.

The Associated Press | March 15, 2018
Groups want judges to stop courthouse immigration arrests

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Immigrant communities in Las Vegas fear deportation, afraid to report crime

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An immigrant called 911 to report a crime. Police took him to ICE in handcuffs.

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Bronx public defenders walk off job after ‘Dreamer’ detained

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Domestic Violence Victims Fear Deportation for Reporting Crimes Against Them

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Fearing deportation, many domestic violence victims are steering clear of police and courts

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Around the country, ICE is arresting immigrants when they show up to court

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A Game of Cat and Mouse With High Stakes: Deportation

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Domestic violence victims shouldn't have to choose between deportation and medical care

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Undocumented victim feared speaking out about domestic violence

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Immigrant women fear deportation under Trump if they report domestic abuse, advocates say

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Outcry After Immigration Agents Seen at Queens Human Trafficking Court

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Immigration arrests at N.J. courthouses having a 'chilling effect,' attorneys say

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Women Are Now Living With the Fear of Deportation If They Report Domestic Violence

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New Immigration Crackdowns Creating 'Chilling Effect' On Crime Reporting

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Fearing deportation, undocumented immigrants wary of reporting crimes

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Afraid of Law Enforcement, Immigrants in Abusive Relationships Face Safety Dilemma

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Latinos In Three Cities Are Reporting Fewer Crimes Since Trump Took Office

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Latinos Are Afraid to Report Crime as Debate Around Immigration Intensifies

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Hispanics ‘are going further into the shadows’ amid chilling immigration debate, police say

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Round-Up: Across the Nation, Immigrants Are Too Afraid of Deportation to Report Crime

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Domestic violence hotline: Immigration-linked calls increase

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Crimes going unreported as illegal immigrants fear deportation

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Too Scared to Report Sexual Abuse. The Fear: Deportation.

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Immigrants, refugees too afraid to seek critical help from food pantries, domestic violence resources

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ICE immigration arrests of noncriminals double under Trump

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HPD chief announces decrease in Hispanics reporting rape and violent crimes compared to last year

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Legal Immigrants Fear Getting Arrested in Court by ICE

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Latinos are reporting fewer sexual assaults amid a climate of fear in immigrant communities, LAPD says

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Fear of Deportation Spurs 4 Women To Drop Domestic Abuse Cases in Denver

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Immigrants Fear a Choice Between Domestic Violence and Deportation

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ICE agents make arrests at courthouses, sparking backlash from attorneys and state supreme court

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Domestic Abuse Victims Aren't Coming Forward Because They're Scared Of Being Deported

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Judges: Arrests by immigration agents at Bexar courthouse creating backlogs

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Deportation fears keep victim from cooperating in domestic violence case, Travis DA says

The Intercept | February 21, 2017

The Guardian | February 16, 2017
Undocumented Texas woman arrested while seeking domestic violence help

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ICE Detains Alleged Victim of Domestic Abuse At Texas Courthouse

The Washington Post | February 16, 2017
‘This is really unprecedented’: ICE detains woman seeking domestic abuse protection at Texas courthouse

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Mother of four fears deportation, declares sanctuary at Denver church


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Immigrants in Law Enforcement Contributing to Public Safety

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How The Deportation Crackdown Is Hurting Immigrant Victims Of Crime

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Deportation Fears Stop Individuals From Reporting Crime, ACLU Report Says

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Sanctuary cities don’t ‘breed crime.’ They encourage people to report crime.

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LAPD takes some credit for easing immigrants' fears of reporting crimes

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Texas is on the verge of banning 'sanctuary cities' — and police chiefs aren't happy

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Krasner creates immigration counsel job in D.A.’s office

New York Daily News | January 25, 2018
Get ICE out of N.Y.’s courtrooms

The New York Times | December 6, 2017
Tucson’s Police Chief: Sessions's Anti-Immigrant Policies Will Make Cities More Dangerous

The Houston Chronicle | November 4, 2017
Police chief supports legal path to U.S. for Dreamers

Statesman Journal | September 8, 2017
Police officers, immigrant communities must work together to build trust

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ICE Should Stop Conducting Raids At New York Courthouses, Gonzalez Says

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Fact Check: No Evidence Undocumented Immigrants Commit More Crimes

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Why Police Chiefs Oppose Texas's New Anti-Immigrant Law

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‘Sanctuary cities’ bill makes it harder for police to protect all

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Texas police chiefs: Do not burden local officers with federal immigration enforcement

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N.J. chief justice asks feds not to arrest immigrants at courthouses

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Janet Mills warns ICE courthouse arrests could have a ‘chilling effect’ in Maine

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San Diego City Attorney Joins Outcry Against ICE Courthouse Arrests

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San Francisco District Attorney Fires Back Over Courthouse Arrests

The Seattle Times | March 24, 2017
Crackdown on immigrants undermines public safety

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Bad for Undocumented Immigrants, a Gift to Domestic Abusers

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Los Angeles Demands That Federal Immigration Officials Stop Calling Themselves “Police”

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Experts: Trump's Immigration Orders Could Drive Crime Up

The Washington Post | January 26, 2017
Big city police chiefs, mayors troubled by Trump immigration order, police union and sheriffs untroubled

PRI | November 15, 2016
'Sanctuary cities' around the US promise to defy Trump's threats