February 2019

She watched mothers reunite with their children, and waited her turn. Her turn never came…Finally, after 246 days apart, Vilma was finally released from detention and reunited with her daughter.

Vilma’s Story of Detention, Separation, and Reunification / Read Full Story

January 2018

Before Laura crossed the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge into Mexico, she turned to the Border Patrol agent supervising her return to Mexico. “When I am found dead,” she told him, “it will be on your conscience.”

When Deportation Is a Death Sentence, New Yorker / Read Full Article

June 2017

On the morning after Gloria’s arrest, April 22, 2010, Evelyn, Yesi, Angel, and Briza pulled on their backpacks and left for school. They made a pact not to say a word to anyone — not their friends, not their teachers, not the kids at church. 

Losing Gloria, The California Sunday Magazine / Read Full Article